Featured Artist – David Thayer French

"NoDa Nights 2009"

"NoDa Nights 2009"

As if this week wasn’t awesome enough, we are very excited to announce our first featured artist — David Thayer French! Here’s an excerpt from his bio:

“David has had a lifetime passion for drawing. After being professionally trained in oil paints in 1999-2000, he gave up the brush for 7 years. Thousands of charcoal drawings later, he has allowed himself to work in color again. Since 2007 his focus has been on the changing facades of his home town, Charlotte NC. His 150+ paintings of Charlotte’s streets can be viewed on his website:


“I knew I wanted to be an artist, when the kids in my elementary school started paying me a nickel or a dime for my drawings of airplanes and monsters. There are few things more rewarding than making people happy with your own creativity. “

Head on over to his Artist page to read the complete bio and check out some of his work!

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