More site tweaks, more awesome stuff happening

If you hadn’t noticed, we’ve now got a Facebook Like button. See it? It’s over there, on the right. So, do us all a solid and support local establishments by clicking that button! 😀 The mobile version of NoDa Nites is now live, too! Try going to from your iOS, Android, or Blackberry device 😀

In addition, October is shaping up to be a very busy and very awesome month, both for NoDa and NoDa Nites. Between NoDaWeen, the Dirt wedding, the upcoming HALO event at Chop Shop and All-Arts Market, and everything else going on in the hood, it’s gonna be an interesting month. Don’t forget to check out the Event Calendar from time to time if you want to keep tabs on what’s going on in the neighborhood on any given night. And don’t be afraid to subscribe to it if you happen to use Google Calendar or iCal on your mobile device (Protip: you should.)

Here’s to the stellar first month we’ve had so far! Come say hi when you see us in the neighborhood, it’s only going up from here.

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